Hack for Earth- Cohort 1


Join the Most Compelling Earth Data, Artistic Performance on the Planet

Bringing soul and beauty to data. BELLA GAIA is an unprecedented NASA-powered immersive experience, inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space. Illuminating the BEAUTY of the planet both natural and cultural (BELLA) and the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of all things on Earth (GAIA), this live concert blends music, dance, technology, and NASA satellite imagery to turn the stage planetary. The Bella Gaia team currently uses planetary scale ata in their artistic portrayal, and are seeking a team to flesh out municipal scale data into their show. If you have a data science background, join one of the most inspiring uses of data on the planet today.

EcoHero- Kenji Williams- BELLA GAIA Founder, Creative Director, Composer, & Violinist. Kenji Williams is an Entrepreneur, composer and director for immersive live theater, mixed reality, and interactive data visualization, and is the creative director and producer of the NASA-powered earth-from-space show, 

Watch the video and take action by getting this team:
1. Data sourcing; GPS tagged, map-based, preferably over time
2. Programmer; data formatting, translation, and cleaning
3. Animator; visualization studio
4. Producer; production manager
5. Funding- to donate go to https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454? Be sure to add a comment 'for BELLA GAIA' so we can get the funds to this incredible team

Cooperating Manual For Spaceship Earth

Featuring our amazing co-hosts the Buckminster Fuller Institute


The Buckminster Fuller Institute (www.bfi.org) is dedicated to accelerating the identification, development, and deployment of strategies that radically advance human well-being as well as the health, resilience, and regeneration of Earth's ecosystems. BFI offers innovative programs that provide comprehensive and anticipatory perspectives on the interconnected challenges and opportunities facing humanity, engaging leading thinkers and practitioners demonstrating whole systems strategies to addressing complex problems, and providing opportunities to design and test those strategies. They are in the beginning stages of building out the Co-operating Manual for Spaceship Earth toolkit/wiki, and want your help designing, architecting and strategizing on how to best maximize engagement once complete. Join Eco-Hero and Regenerative Leader, Amanda Joy Ravenhill- Executive Director Buckminster Fuller Institute to give us the direction we need for a hopeful future. Inspired by Bucky Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, this wiki will feature solutions to climate change, the ocean ecosystem health, remediation for pollution, and team-building and cultural inclusion practices, among other user-generated, solutions-oriented content. 

This is a 'new manual to teach people what many traditions have known and practiced for millennia- how to co-operate with our living spaceship Earth. The living manual will surface and publish key leverage points to intervene for radical systems change across a wide array of areas from ecology to equity to ego.' DONATE to The Cooperating Manual by following this link- https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454?

Los Angeles Climate Resilience App

City level preparedness with 'Climate Resilience Los Angeles, powered by dashboard.earth. 


Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic economies on the planet – and home to a singularly diverse and culturally rich community. Thus, as a leading global city, it is imperative that Los Angeles set the precedent for building climate resilience. To this end, an anonymous foundation is embarking on a multi-year effort— aka: The Project--to dramatically accelerate the implementation of climate resilience strategies within the Los Angeles area. While the large majority of local citizens may know that the climate emergency is real and will have significant consequences for generations to come, we are not yet living as if there is an emergency. Join Eco Hero: Andy Lipkis - CEO of Tree People  https://www.treepeople.org/, as he adapts the eco gamification app dashboard.earth to the real world issue of citizen preparedness. Together we can.   

Watch this video and help this team get:
1- Crowdfunding by donating here- https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454? Note 'For LA App' in comments
2- Call for talent: seeking developers and designers who want to prepare citizens for MegaFires and other Climate Emergencies


Regenerosity is a Win-Win for Catalyzing Change and making a Regenerative Impact

To be regenerative is to step beyond sustainability, which aims to preserve what is, and instead restore and replenish even that which is destroyed. The UN has declared the 2020’s the decade of Ecosystem Restoration, and with that in mind, the team at Regenerosity has built a platform and an award system unlike anywhere in the world. Imagine a platform that rewards the whole systems projects with capital, and coaches, and mentors projects that do not pass the bar, giving them another chance. Imagine a world where there aren’t any losers and every project is a winner. This is the world Regenerosity is working to create, and with low operating overhead, it’s a perfect place to make your wealth regenerative and grow a better tomorrow. Join Ecohero Faith Flanigan, Operations Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute in building this tomorrow. If the team can create an MVP by November 3rd, Hack for Earth’s twelve solutions will be able to raise money in real-time. That means beta testing can begin immediately with the right team. If you join, you have the possibility to make yourself a career with this incredible weekend project. 

Value prop-
-For Funders- great pipeline. Helping people look at different impact areas. Learning community for investors who don't quite get it yet.
-For Projects- helping people with peer to peer exchange of ideas, and giving them exposure to funders.

Key platform features:
-KPIs- Key Performance Indicators of Regenerative Projects-Video per project
-Way to donate

Amanda's ask:
Looking for people and organizations interested in philanthropy for regen projects; regranting opportunities/ flow through of intellectual and financial capital.

-Donate now to this incredible project, https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454 (note in your donation 'For Regenerosity')
-Reach out to Regenerosity@bfi.org to get involved!


BFLO™ technology mapping a Fortune 500’s impact on Natural Capital

Noble Profit serves as an authentic source to discover and find solutions and investment in impact, clean tech and sustainable business. BFLO™ technology is built to make it easier to track, verify and manage sustainable business and investment data. Their goal is to establish proof of reputation using data validated by trusted third parties. They are building an interoperable blockchain-enabled protocol. The BFLO™ token is initially on Stellar. BFLO technology is being designed with Noble Profit experts to enable efficiency in business that drives sustainability. Amy is going to lead a team to track the natural capital impact from a fortune 500 company's financial statements. She envisions a world where corporate social responsibility reporting is traceable and trackable. EcoHero: Amy Seidman - CEO, femme founder, digital media and technology weaver 

Amy's Ask:
-Support for the completion of React Template
-Technology and Team, looking for builders to join.
-Pilot Programs; Businesses, Cities, Investment Firms, Agencies
-Donations- https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454? and leave the comment 'For BFLO'

Marine Monitor

Marine Monitor is a lower cost software solution that works with off-the-shelf radars to provide 24/7 situational awareness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). 

Preserving marine protected areas (MPAs) is challenging since poaching and other activities can occur at night, in the early hours of the morning, and far offshore. Marine Monitor (M2) combines commercial-off-the-shelf marine radar hardware with a custom software solution written using open-source tools to track boat activity and illegal fishing in nearshore waters (out to 5 miles) at a fraction of the cost of traditional military-grade systems. The M2 software downloads radar data and mirrors it in a friendly user-interface that can be stored and replayed via the cloud. The M2 software can further improve MPA monitoring with the optional integration of a Automatic Identification System (AIS) sensor and high-definition pan-tilt-zoom video camera.

To learn more about M2, check out a brief introductory video and their Marine Monitor (M2) Presentation.

Automate sea patrols, protect wildlife; true technology for good.

Key Features of Marine Monitor (M2):
-Custom built browser based software to record activity
-Low cost because it works with off the shelf radar technology
-Monitors all boats on the water 24/365
-Easy to use/ doesn't require specialized training
-100% autonomous and remotely operated globally

Brendan's ask for the Hack for Earth Network:
-Collaboration & Partnership
-Connection to people interested in Marine Protected Areas
-Machine learning developer
-New locations to deploy this incredible software


SunGeometry got started asking the question why- Why are conventional solar concentrators enormous? Because they do not know where the sun is.

SunGeometry is a novel mirror geometry, an injection-molded plastic solar mirror. The mirror has 4 points embedded inside it where the solar cells go. Small, modular, and low profile systems that redirects and aims precisely at the light source. Their system shows greater output, 40% conversion efficiency off the shelf, 2x the output of conventional solar panels, more sustainable due to the small amount of conductor needed. It is high efficiency and on the trajectory to be the lowest cost due to the low amount of resources needed to make this happen. The secret sauce is coupling high efficiency and low cost- dollar per watt.

Mark and the team are looking for beta testers to collect data, give feedback, help guide the progression of this technology. Ready to deploy this tech to anyone who wants to be at the cutting edge of solar power generation.

Limited Hack for Earth offer-$50- Join the Pioneer Program

Help beta test the next generation of solar power today with SunGeometry! Donate directly to Mark's PayPal or Venmo- markperlin@gmail.com

SOS Safe Organized Spaces, sustainable homeless solutions

Safe Organized Spaces- SOS California Code Compliant Tiny Home Villages

“Safe Organized Spaces” (SOS) is a catch-all phrase for community-integrated emergency shelter response that provides people with a place to belong and meet their essential needs in a structured, participatory environment on their path to permanent housing. Amy is working with a team to take their CA code compliant, homeless solution off-grid and further develop a “menu of options” for activating land with SOS Stewardship Villages in urban, wilderness, and agricultural settings.
Eco Hero- Amy Farah Weiss - founder of Safe Organized Spaces & Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge 

We are excited to see what this powerful team builds together. There are people who need places to belong in order to heal and thrive, and there is land in need of proper stewardship in order to heal and thrive—SOS Stewardship Villages seek to connect the dots and scale up throughout California. Tune into Hack for Earth to see how to creatively tackle the crisis conditions of homelessness, and get insight into how to deploy code-compliant villages in times of shelter shortage and emergency response. To learn more, click this link: #togetherwecan https://sfpublicpress.org/files/a.farahweiss-sos_neighbors_guide-screen.pdf

The team focused on possible off grid energy solutions in 5, 20, and 100 cabin scales. They researched and designed a Menu of Village Components and Infrastructure, and were really excited about a solar trailer by the Footprint Project that can be used for disaster relief and as a communication hub for villages.

Team's ask:
-Looking for Partnerships
-Licensed Electricians for Microgrid Design
-$35,000 in donations for their first solar trailer https://support.bfi.org/campaign/Hack-For-Earth/c254454
-Allies and investors for multiple SOS Villages

Carbon 0 - Let’s Plant!

The facts are simple, we are on the verge of a mass extinction crises because of increase of CO2 in our atmosphere. There is a simple solution plants and algae can capture CO2. I started asking myself why am I not planting trees in my spare time? I realized I’m lacking knowledge and a social support structure that makes tree planting fun, and I'm not the only one. But that’s something we can change!  

What if the 800 million people that downloaded Pokemon go and marched out in the world trying to capture imaginary creatures would play a different game, a game designed to reduce our carbon foot print by cultivating plants and algae and going on other missions? Carbon 0 is an AR location based game with the goal to actually save the plant. Climate change is scary, the best solution is fun! 


They are a diverse team of developers, designers, business innovators and much more. We met at SF science hack and were awarded best design by the judges. We plan to Keep meeting until 800 million people start competing to keep our planet habitable. Join us! It's going to be an adventure!

Yeled O'Mercy, team founder, sees Carbon 0 as being able to collaborate with other businesses. Users can ask the game- where can i get the plants? Where can i plant the tree just purchased? The users then walk to the place where they seek to plant the tree, take a selfie of where the tree is planted, and the game creates an animated tree that can be shared with other gamers. Yeled wants to hack the feedback mechanism of our brains, as tree planting typically takes a long time to gain the feeling of accomplishment.

Users get an AR tree in real time, name it, and share it with your network. Users can see the Hero board, to motivate people to take more action and compete to be the most regenerative tree planter.

Yeled's Ask:
-Find community gardens that people can plant trees in
-Find nurseries where people can buy the trees
-Donate at https://support.bfi.org/campaign/Hack-For-Earth/c254454


Regenerate With Hemp

Everflux Farms is a partnership between the team at Everflux Technologies and Saturn Returns Farms, hemp farmers in Colorado. Everflux Technologies makes a biofertilizer not chemical nutrients, but microbes. A way to start regenerative agriculture for hemp farmers, they have a liquid fermented product from hemp waste perfectly suited for the needs of hemp farmers.

The team is looking to raise $165,000 to grow hemp on a new 10 acre site in either CA or CO. After two years of profitable production, they hope to deploy the AACT Green Power House. This Green Power House is an anaerobic digester, a gasifier, an algae bioreactor and a greenhouse. Cradle to Cradle ecosystem for hemp byproducts. Hemp fiber can be used for clothing, hempcrete (concrete made with hemp fiber) and bioplastics, to make textiles. The woody biomass that isnt being used for fiber production can go into the Green Power House, which produces enough energy to power 100 homes, produces food in the greenhouse, biochar which can increase health of the soil, and an algal sludge that can accelerate the creation of Everflux's biofertilizer product.

To donate click here https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454. Together we can profitably restore land, create decentralized energy, and transform hemp farming.

Regenerative Agroforestry

Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management show us how Money really does grow on trees.

Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management is the first Hack for Earth team of actual farmers, and it's a regenerative agroforestry company located primarily in Costa Rica, where they grow profitable superfood crops such as turmeric and cocoa. Their Agroforestry (tree farm) projects on have been developed on steep deforested land that was degraded by cattle ranching and tobacco farming.

Difference between conventional agriculture and regenerative agriculture- conventional agriculture grows one or two crops, aka monocultures and doesn't pay well for farmers due to the cost of chemical inputs, degrades land, pollutes water, and destroys the landscape and in Costa Rica, traditional farmers suffer from disproportionate toxicity. Regenerative Agriculture leaves the land better than they found it.

Blacksheep designs system to leave behind a rainforest and money is made as a byproduct of reforestation.

Team's ask:
We work together to fund Regenerative Agriculture https://support.bfi.org/campaign/hack-for-earth/c254454

Let's restore land and profit!


IGaiaViz, insight to harmonize civilization to the biosphere. The team is launching a new application for data visualization, and their long term wish is to combine all civilization and economic data with ecological data sets in a way to truly comprehend complexity. They have an existing worldwide research network that expands the globe, and seek to align humanity into the world game described by Buckminster Fullers to "make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” Gaia Viz is an open source software platform with completely unrestricted access to code, that has been applied in various applications. They have a global set of users in disaster response, education, medicine, science and art. They aim to be an integration piece of the large data sets for the planet.

Looking for:

Users and developers