Events to Transform the World


Hack for Earth is an event series where the most passionate, Earth-centric experts, technologists, designers and business people gather to execute on real-world solutions. Unlike most hackathons, teams are hand-selected to make the biggest impact, and the community participates in dispersing the prize money. We stand for making the most impact with our community and leverage our network to measure any added benefit given to projects from event participants or attendees who give resources and expertise after the event. Our first event on November 2-3 gathered twelve teams who accelerated lasting solutions to environmental problems. We are now concentrating on two different event types: Purpose Acceleration Workshops for big technology companies, and Bioregional Impact Events that solve real-world ecological problems. 

Our Approach

We build teams around Eco Heroes; ecological subject matter experts diverse with backgrounds in climate, Earth science, automated sensing, farming, GHG Drawdown, and ecological restoration to execute on with the goal to restore the Earth. 

Hero Support Roles:

1. Hacker 

Provides technical expertise to actualize the vision, these people have the technical talent to build the solution.

2.  Hipster

Designs and beautifies the user experience, these team members are the designers who make the Hero's vision approachable.

3. Hustler

Business-minded and growth-oriented, these team members bring grounded experience to shape the project into a viable business.

Core Team


-Lead, People- Slia Nanotechnologies

-HR Blackthorn Therapeutics

Cofounder, Talent Development

Rebecca Motola-Barnes

-Founder Blockchain for Ecology

-Startup Marketing Consultant

Cofounder, Marketing


-Executive Advisor City of LA Innovation 
-Impact in Ethiopia
-Bain &Company

Cofounder, Operations




Community Space


Whether to attend, hack with us, or to sponsor